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Asia Eguide, for comprehensive information on Asia. There are several locations with Eguides in Asia. Use the Eguide travel search to search Eguide sites to find travel information. For the purpose of this guide it is possibly best that we sub-divide Asia into its significant parts.

Asia travel

First we will take a look at the major cultures that can be found within Asia, before moving on to take a look at some of the travel highlights of taking a trip to the area, finally we will move on to discussing each of the sub-regions of Asia, more factual content, allowing you to judge which areas would be advanced enough in travel facilities for you to include in a list of possible holiday destinations.

Whilst Asia is often seen as being all about exotic locations, holidaymakers should consider the fact that certain areas, such as Northern and North West Asia are very much more westernised than the regions found towards the South and East. If you enjoy something a little different, but dislike dealing with cultural and language problems, there are still many options available to you in parts of Asia which are more compatible with our western culture.

On the flip side, if your ideal holiday is about overcoming the challenge of living day to day life in an alien environment, learning how to conduct yourself in tune with the local inhabitants, and challenging your stomach by sampling extreme foods and local produce, then Asia will not disappoint. The further east and south you travel, the more exotic things become, although there are still oasis of western culture to be found in the form of luxury resorts and new hotels.

It seems each year, air flight costs become less and less, making Asia an affordable travel destination for everyone, remember that the cost of the plane ticket is often offset by the relatively low cost of living and accommodation once you arrive at your destination.

Asia is fast becoming one of the easiest, most diverse, and most keenly priced holiday destinations to be found. A decade ago, tour operators were just beginning to look at the continent of Asia as a package destination, now ten years on, many of the major tour operators have a whole host of excellent deals on offer, many designed to provide a first rate holiday for the entire family and a good example of that is Phuket in Thailand.

Asia offers a fully diverse range of holidays, certainly something for everybody, from budget backpackers to first class, luxury travellers. Let us explore some of the more common forms of holiday package that can be enjoyed in Asia. Whatever your travel tastes, there is bound to be something of interest to you in one form or another, let's take a look at some of the more traditional types of vacation, and find out how capable Asia is of supply a holiday to remember.

These are just a very few examples of the style of holiday that can be found in Asia, it really is an extremely diverse place, one that could take a lifetime to explore. Many holidaymakers return to Asia year after year, finding that the incredible combination of easy travel, keen pricing and destinations unlike anything available in the western hemisphere, make for a fantastic holiday for single travellers, couples or whole families.

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Asia is slowly changing, and as it does, new areas become accessible that were previously impossible to experience within a standard vacation format, current shining stars are quickly being caught up by developing nations such as Vietnam and Malaysia, which are able to offer world class holidays at a vastly reduced cost. All inclusive deals are also very good value throughout Asia, and are a perfect option for those travellers who enjoy the ultimate in luxury.

Whatever your taste in holidays, there can be no doubt that Asia will be able to cater to it in some shape or form, from laid back family beach holidays, to full on adventure holidays, mountain climbing and white water rafting, Asia has it all.


asia travel information


Areas of Asia

Many people never realise how big Asia is, they also never realise just how far it stretches into the west, would you have previously known that Cyprus is considered to be within Asia? Or that part of Egypt is actually in Asia? This is one of the beauties of Asia, its ability to surprise us; it also makes the continent and incredibly diverse location from which to choose a holiday destination. Some of the areas of Asia are scarcely suitable for holiday travel; others have become world leading vacation destinations in their own right.


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